Thursday, February 9, 2012

Randomness is my life!

What may I ask does carpal tunnel sx, the NY Giants winning the super bowl, half mary training, and potty training all have in common...... me?

So I had my sx on Monday, and here I am typing a blog. I feel blessed that I am recovering quickly, although don't let me fool you, my right hand is extremely limited due to a huge hematoma.

I guess it's to be expected as this is a pic of the ligament that was cut...

Anyway, I plan to get back on the treadmill tonight for a 4 mile jog, wish me luck! I am back to my normal appetite, so I NEED to exercise! Ha ha

I did manage to get a good long run in before surgury, which by the way was the weekend my team won! WOO HOO

I also decided, as if I wasnt busy enough, to potty train my 2 1/2 yo Liam. Ugh... it's not pretty, but he is starting to atleast know what I want him to do! :)

Anyway - I felt it critical to update the blog to show I am not going to lose focus of my goals! Thanks for the support out there to anyone who may be reading! XOXO



  1. Made is 3.1 but hands are throbbing, but I totally had the energy to go the whole way to 4 or even 5, and that is good enough to know!

  2. I LOVE your blog header picture!!
    AND, I might have to steal that 1000M ticker thing for my blog too..he he!

    Good luck with potty training! :)